We named our company XBITAlign ("X Bit Align") because our 'xclusive focus is on the alignment between the business and IT. We are passionate about increasing the efficiency of IT and its effectiveness in bringing value to the business.

Why? Love it or hate it, Information Technology is ubiquitous. IT can be a business partner in innovation and growth or it can be an enabler of operational excellence.

Perhaps even both!

But the sad fact is that, for most companies, it is neither. The lack of alignment is the single, biggest root cause of waste and missed opportunities. Based on hundreds of frank conversations with CIOs, VPs, Directors, and other managers, both in IT and in the business, in over twenty countries, this is the top-of-mind problem for executives. The consequences of mis-alignment are also felt throughout the enterprise. IT developers, for example, are frustrated because they don't have a good understanding of how their work enables business strategies.

Through formal surveys, we have challenged executives to describe for us the negative impact of mis-alignment. The following are some of the quantifiable impacts they attribute directly to mis-alignment between IT and the business:

  • 60% of failures in projects and business initiatives
  • 2% loss on gross lease fundings
  • 50% inefficiency on average in IT

Non-quantifiable issues caused by mis-alignment include:

  • loss of time-to-market
  • missed opportunity costs
  • cost overruns
  • focus on non-priority projects
  • cost of 're-construction'
  • customer dissatisfaction
  • customer attrition

How do we facilitate this alignment? We won't pretend it's easy. But we do have several best practices and techniques gleaned from years of experience, making mistakes, and continuously refining our methods.

The cornerstone of achieving excellence in business & IT alignment is our 21-point Enterprise Capabilities Alignment Framework™ (ECAF™). These capabilities, necessary for every company, are developed and improved using our Enterprise Capabilities Alignment Method™ (ECAM™).

The ECAF™ is the framework for building Centers of Excellence, Value Engineering, Business Process Management, Service-Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Program Management, and Operational Excellence. ECAM™ is the way to get the business and IT aligned.

The framework and the method are vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic. They are based on widely-adopted reference architectures and standards. They are the necessary foundation for ensuring success in IT initiatives and for realizing business value.

Some of the standards and reference architectures that ECAF™ covers include APQC, ITIL, BMC, Balanced Scorecards, CMMi, COBIT, Lean, PMO, Six Sigma, TOGAF, and Zachman. Each of these and similar standards do a great job in their respective domains. However, the underlying domains do not exist in silos. Ideally, they should be connected to the rest of the domains through strategy, projects, and operations.

ECAF™ is designed to do just that. You can start an ITIL initiative first, then use the ECAF™ framework to connect with a COBIT initiative or a Lean/Agile rollout